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Ok so we never imagined Life from LIT having a blog on the side, but hey it's 2021 and after the last year, anything is possible right?! We get asked on the daily about loads of different things on our instagram, from our candle selections to bridal questions, our opinions on topics and even down to what homeschooling is being done this week. We thought it would be another great way to interact with everyone, sharing all our tips and tricks on how to survive everyday life!

So this week Isla finally got her quiet corner built, yes it was sitting in the box for about two weeks beforehand, but here we got there in the end so its all good! 
For the bottom of the tent, we added a small pink non slip floor mat. Isla has wooden floor in her room so it stops all the cushions from sliding. For the sitting part of the tent, we popped in three large round outdoor cushions we had in our hot-press, tied together with a single bedsheet to stay in place! Then simply popped a cosy blanket over the top to make it extra comfy (and cute!). The fairy lights are not only for the look of it they are actually really bright in real life so it means Isla can have them on and turn her main light off without feeling like she is sitting in the dark. Finally added in all the cushions, Isla personally picked these herself might we add... the beaut pompoms are the best final touch and ta dah we are done, quiet corner complete! 
It really is the perfect place for her to go and chill out on her own. Whether that means it is with her books, her iPad, her cuddly toys, a stress-ball or just to simply sit in peace for a few minutes! We are kind of jealous over here, would it be acceptable for an adult size one in our office?!
We have popped the links for everything below for handiness for you guys if you want to get your little one (or yourself) one! 



Pom Poms



Thanks for reading, have a lovely week 

L & E x   

Islas Canopy

Islas Canopy