Episode Eight - Pick 'n' Mix

Episode Eight - Pick 'n' Mix 

As this is airing on Mothers Day we wanted to wish all the Mothers out there a wonderful day, we hope you have a fabulous day and thank you for everything you do for us day and daily. With that being said we are also thinking of everyone else on this day who they may not want to celebrate it for reasons of their own.

In episode eight we talk about THAT interview with Meghan and Harry, again we give our opinions on finally seeing it and how we feel it was portrayed by the public eye. Did they make the right move for their family or is it a little late to decide this after you have married into the Royal Family?

You guys loved hearing our lingo and what we say as 'slang' words so we touch on that and give a few more out courtesy of our lovely listeners via our question box over on or instagram.

Finally we talk about us, who we are for all the newbies around here and our favourite memories together including talking about our drunken alter egos!!  Oh remember having drunken nights out, hopefully they are coming soon guys! Have a lovely week 

Thanks for listening as always, 

L & E x


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