Episode Nine - Wedding Planning - Special Guest

Episode Nine -

Lauren and the lovely Emily Rose talk all things wedding planning. How they both decided to go ahead and have a wedding in lockdown and how they felt the pressure of everyone else, rather than just from themselves. 

What kind of emotions it brings up between partners, friends and family's and that it really isn't just all plain sailing and simply just 'changing at date'.

Despite both working in the industry they both had a lot of struggles with wedding planning during a pandemic like any other brides and discuss what they would have done differently and whats going to happen when lockdown is lifted, we are talking parties people.. lots of parties!!

Emily Rose is in the wedding industry not only as a talented musician but as an incredible make up artist too so there is loads to be covered here. You can check out Emilys page here 



Thanks for listening as always, 

L & E x