Episode Seven - International Women’s Day!

Episode Seven - International Women’s Day! 

Wow, week seven in this series already, how crazy! We can't thank you guys enough for all tuning in and listening to our conversations week after week! It means the world to us it really does :)

 This week we are talking all about the Meghan and Harry situation, THAT interview which airs tomorrow and how we both really feel about the entire thing!

As usual we are totally honest and let you know how we are feeling, we talk about empowering women, periods and everything in between! 

Of course some craic in there too, it wouldn't be us without a few laughs now would it, let us know if you liked this weeks show and what you want to see next, we love hearing your feedback as always. There is a few good things happening this week so as usual make sure you have the notifications to our instagram turned on to keep up to date with it all!

Thanks for listening as always, 

L & E x

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