Episode Ten - TWO very special guests!

Episode Ten - Special Guests!
In the final episode of season one we bring two very special guests to the show, we have constantly talked about them through out the season and how much they have shaped us into the women we are today, whether that be a carbon copy or completely the opposite. Of course we are talking about each of our wonderful mothers! 
Sandra and Allison join us to discuss basically everything we have previously talked about in some of the episodes but in a condensed version and from their point of view. How different it was when they were going through the stages of wedding planning, becoming a wife and a mother and just surviving every day life in general. 
Times have changed over the last few decades, especially this last one and to be able to compare stories is so lovely, especially with our own mothers. As usual there are some completely different points of view, but it wouldn't be like us to all agree anyway right? 
We really hope you have enjoyed all the episodes and can relate in some way or another to at least one, we love hearing your feedback on them. Just some real women talking about real life topics we all should be talking about!
Don't worry we have LOADS lined up for season two and you won't have to wait that long, so keep an eye on our socials, enjoy your walks, cleaning, me time, whatever you get up too and we cannot wait to be back in your ears nattering away about pretty much everything! 
Speak soon and as always thanks so much for listening!
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