Season Two, Episode One - Autism Mum Life

Episode One - Autism Awareness Month!

Episode One, Season two, and we are back!! 

I know it hasn't been that long in the grand scheme of things but like everything in lockdown, it has felt like a lifetime! 

However this month is Autism awareness month, and if you have been around for long enough you will know Tyler, Laurens son was diagnosed with Autism when he was just 2 years old.

The journey hasn't always been easy for them, but Lauren has always said they wouldn't change anything. Everything that has happened in their life has happened for a reason, and even the reason we are sitting here right now is down to that.  

Lauren dives into what it was like in the early stages of Tylers life and what it continues to be like as he is about to start the journey of processing what high school to pick. Likewise with Isla now starting this process all over again of getting a diagnosis, how it has changed and the different signs in both Tyler and Isla. 
Trying to have these conversations and open peoples eyes into what exactly Autism is, how it effects everyone differently and how we can be kinder to one another in everyday life. Including being kind to yourself, taking time to yourself and seeing how amazing you are. 


We have popped some links below for platforms that can hopefully give you some guidance if you need them and as always, if you ever need any help or just want someone to chat it all through with, please send us a message! 

Having someone to talk too can really help.
Speak soon and as always thanks so much for listening!
L & E 
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